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Company specializing in residential and commercial moves, as well as transportation and delivery of personal effects, pianos, pool tables and furniture assembly. Affordable, fast and professional service.

Our trucks

Available in 16-, 17-, 18-, 20- and 24-foot sizes.

We move 1½, 2½, 3½, 4½, 5½, 6½, 7½ apartments, houses, residences, vacation homes, villas, chalets, bungalows, condos, studios, etc.

Our workers

A team of dynamic, professional, friendly and family-oriented movers to take care of all your moving projects.
Guaranteed, stress-free moving!

Patrick Gingras
Patrick Gingras
Just excellent service, on time, reasonably priced, I highly recommend this company.
Excellent service. 👌
Jennifer Dias
Jennifer Dias
Très belle expérience
Jany Shaink
Jany Shaink
Je recommande grandement cette compagnie ainsi que leurs employés! Ils sont arrivés avant l'heure ce qui est formidable et ils étaient très professionnels, ils ont fait très attention, ils étaient méthodique, prudent, efficace et hyper sympathique et courtois. Un énorme merci à cette belle équipe.
Genevieve Ch
Genevieve Ch
Service efficace, très bonne équipe et prix compétitif.
Sylvain Rivard
Sylvain Rivard
Excellent service
P. C.
P. C.
Skilled and professional team, nothing to complain about. Our move was done fast and painlessly.
Bernard Glazer
Bernard Glazer
Les meilleurs déménageurs avec le meilleur prix en ville. Difficile de retourner avec une autre compagnie après les avoir essayé.

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Our services

At Déménagement IDigus, we understand that moving your belongings isn’t just a matter of transporting boxes from point A to point B. That’s why, with the solid support of home insurance and under the watchful eye of the Quebec government, our mission is to ensure that your most precious possessions arrive at their destination without a scratch.

Déménagement résidentiel

Moving home

When it comes to residential removals, our floor mats and expertise ensure that your furniture is treated with the care it deserves. We know that every memory has its story, so we take care to ensure that every mug, book or sofa arrives exactly as we found it, without a scratch.

Moving is often synonymous with new adventures. With IDigus, we make sure that these adventures start on a positive note. No stress, no mess; just you, your stuff and your fresh start. Let us take care of the heavy lifting, so that you can concentrate on the beautiful things to come.

We offer you a professional moving at low prices. Residential moving in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North Shore.

Commercial moving

Here at IDigus, we know that time is money, especially when it comes to a commercial move. Our moving trucks, specially designed for heavy and bulky loads, make the rounds throughout the Montreal region to ensure your business doesn’t lose a minute more than necessary.

Whether it’s an office, a boutique or a workshop, we pack and move everything with clockwork precision. Our teams work hard to get your business up and running without missing a beat. Because in the business world, every detail counts, and we’re here to prove it!

A moving company located in Montreal that offers its services to companies, offices, stores, bars and restaurants.

Déménagement commercial
Transport et Livraison

Transport and Delivery

Transferring objects from one place to another may sound simple in theory, but in practice it’s quite a science. At IDigus, we offer a hassle-free moving service, because we know this science better than anyone. Let us plan and execute your move with the efficiency and organization it deserves.

With our fleet of transport vehicles suitable for any situation, your goods are in safe hands. From a small box of books to your living-room set, everything is handled with the utmost care. Our delivery services are fast, reliable and, above all, tailor-made to meet your needs.

Carport installation and removal

Carports aren’t just a canvas and four poles. To do things right, you need know-how. At IDigus, we offer carport installation and removal services that would make even your neighbor jealous. Let’s just say that if your shelter could talk, it would thank us.

We work fast and well, making sure that everything is in order and secure before leaving the premises. Winter can come, and your car will be warm and sheltered, ready to face the elements. And when the fine weather returns, we’ll be there to pack it all away, as simply as a wink.

A helping hand to tidy up your carport at the end of the season. You can count on us to take care of your carport as if it were our own.

Installation et désinstallation d’abris d’auto
Déménagement d'urgence

Emergency moving

Sometimes, life throws you curves and you have to move, fast. That’s where Déménagement IDigus comes in with its team of professional movers, ready to act. Thanks to our packing and storage services, every move, whether residential or commercial, goes quickly and smoothly, even in the height of high season. Home insurance and Quebec government guidelines are also in our deck of cards to ensure peace of mind throughout the process.

Our moving company stands out for its ability to offer long-distance moves, including moves within Montreal, with unrivalled precision and efficiency. Whether it’s a move you’ve been planning for months or an impromptu necessity, our moving company is here to make the experience a hassle-free one. With over 25 years’ experience, we know all the tricks of the trade to make your transition a success.

We offer you a fast and professional service!
The quality/price ratio at Déménagement “IDigus” always makes the difference!

Emergency and last-minute moving.
Call us today!
24/7 service

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